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"I had owned my New Forest pony mare for five years when a change of yard presented a change of farrier with a different kind of shoeing.( BFS Equus balance shoe) I was very wary at first and pointed out that my mare was frequently "footy" after shoeing, scared that a change might make her worse.

I couldn't have been more wrong! My mare was never " footy" again  and despite being well into late teens went better than ever. Her feet stayed in great condition  none of the  cracking I used to see with her during the summer time and sound as a bell.

Another yard change 5 years later brought another change in farrier . Having had the success of natural balance shoes I was pleased to find the farrier there fitted natural balance shoes too. However after the second shoeing I noticed a change in my mare. She wasn't lame at first but just not going right, not the energy she usually has when worked and seemed more affected by the surface she worked on.

It would have been very easy to write this off as her age , (now getting into mid twenties), warm summer weather making her a bit slow ? But the change seemed just a little too quick for this. Luckily after a chat BFS came out to my new yard to fit the Equus balance shoes.

My pony had become more and more uncomfortable and actually came out of her stable lame at the time for her BFS shoeing so I wasn't very hopeful of a good outcome. However she walked off sound immediately and when worked a few days later I found I had my pony back again! She was the same cheeky mare with an extremely fast walk that's she ever been. Totally back to her old self! Amazing!

It would have been so easy to have put her downhill change to old age and retired her. I am so glad I had the chance to find out how important the natural balance shoeing is to horses. Not just the shoes themselves but the knowledge to fit them correctly.  My pony is a perfect example of this. The natural balance shoe she'd had fitted twice were fitted as you would place the traditional horse shoe and this simply was not right for her.

There must be masses of horses out there who would benefit from this shoeing. The difference in her and her way of going was startling. My advice would be to go for natural balance and please to make sure it's the best shoe and proven knowledgable way of fitting it. Such as with BFS." C James