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NT Canine - 35g Revolutionary Skin and Ear Relief. All Natural treatment for dog Hot Spots, Skin Problems, Cuts and .. Product #: NTCanine based on 0 reviews Regular price: $9.99 $9.99 10000

NT Canine - 35g

Product Code: NTCanine
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Price: £9.99

From the makers of NT DRY, the first ever DRY Equine Formula that revolutionized Equine Hoof and Coat Care, comes NT CANINE
This All-Natural powder made of specialised clays, mineral salts and herbs, attacks the root cause of skin complaints by naturally extracting excess moisture, which is the breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

Also treats Ear Irritations and Hair Loss due to Eczema and works with our Feline friends as well.

Unfortunately we are unable to ship this product to Australia.

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