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Introducing the Equus Performance Horseshoe

Probably the best horseshoe in the world!!



Here is the latest in a new generation of ready made horseshoes designed for balanced shoeing. This shoe has been designed to fit hot or cold with little or no adjustment. The use of tungsten pins is recommended but not essential. Location marks for pins and stud holes are incorporated in the shoe.

The shoe is designed so it can easily be adjusted without heat to fit the in between size hoof.

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To open the shoe simply use your pull-off’s as illustrated. To close the shoe hit diagonal heel to toe quarter.

Available now in five sizes, ranging from 4 ½ to 5 ½ inch, the Equus Performance shoe range will cater for the majority of mid size horses. Later we will produce five more sizes offering a full range of balanced shoes.

Some of the unique features of this amazing shoe:


This versatile shoe fits both front and hind feet, in general we fit one size smaller on the hind foot than the front. This allows for variations in pedal bone size and shape.

Although not essential, it is recommended that 5.1mm tungsten pins are used with this shoe. The reasons for this are:

  1. Four pins in each shoe will extend the life of the shoe and allow more re-sets (The pins are re-usable)
  2. Pins in the toe of the shoe will maintain the correct point of break over.
  3. Pins in the shoe will give extra grip on road and concrete surfaces.

Stud holes can be drilled or punched.

When the shoe is fitted front and hind the horse is balanced, allowing it to move in the way it’s body was designed to. Meaning that there is far less risk of injury through over-reach, tripping, stumbling, etc and of course will help prevent long term problems such as navicula disease, tendon strains, side-bone, ring-bone, etc